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Pilates Institue of Fort Lauderdale - Meet Our Instructors

David Freeman | Jenifer Beer

David Freeman

Director and Owner of the Pilates Institute of Ft.Lauderdale

David Freeman is a prime example of the benefits of Authentic Pilates TM. He started his Pilates training at age 48 (with severe back problems). After experiencing the amazing results in a short period of time, David realized that in order to continue to feel young and energetic he would have to continue doing Authentic Pilates™ for the rest of his life. He sought out Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, who was trained by and taught with David Freeman of The Pilates Institute of Fort LauderdaleJoseph Pilates until his death. David took time out from his law practice and trained extensively with Romana for 5 years and obtained his Teacher Certification from her. Now at 70 yrs old (with no back problems) David has experienced the full benefits of this amazing system. Freeman's belief in Authentic Pilates TM was the inspiration behind his opening the Pilates Institute (sm) of Ft. Lauderdale and acquiring the exclusive United States rights to the Joseph Pilates Archives and the New York Pilates Studio ® Teacher Certification Program (the oldest and most comprehensive Teaching Program in the world). David now through his organization, the United States Pilates Association ® LLC, offers instructors throughout the U.S.A. teacher training, seminars, workshops and Archival seminars on Authentic PilatesTM.

Freeman, who has been teaching for over 18 years has been honored with the designation of "Teacher of Teachers," David's essay "My Journey Through the World of Pilates" is published in "Voices of Classical Pilates", a Collection of 28 Essays from 28 Second Generation Classical Teachers edited by Peter Fiasca, Ph.D, Amy Babia Bergesen and Suzanne Michelle Diffine, M.A. David can also be seen on Pilates Anytime as a contributor to the Discussion "Students of Romana".

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Jenifer Beer

Jenifer is a strong believer that a healthy balanced lifestyle is an essential key to maintaining a truly happy existence.

She was raised in a household which set strong foundation for the importance of health principles. Holistic medicine was encouraged along with natural foods, and daily exercise. To advocate this message of healthy lifestyle, Jenifer spent five years working in health foods retail. She then left to live abroad in Europe for five years wanting to learn about different cultures and their lifestyles. The last Jenifer Beer of The Pilates Institute of Fort Lauderdaletwo years of her travel she lived in Spain as an English teacher. It was these last two years of her life that helped her to come to the realization what path she truly wanted to take in life. One which would involve incorporating two of her major passions: teaching, and advocating healthy lifestyle.

Feeling that a healthy mind and body were directly linked, Jenifer selected Pilates as her main field of focus. Jenifer knew that Pilates was something that would enhance the skill level of any physical activity one chose to partake in.

Jenifer is not only dedicated to teaching Pilates. She is also dedicated to her own practice and trains daily. She is extremely excited about possessing this valuable key that has the potential to unlock positive change in the lives of many.

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