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Pilates Institue of Fort Lauderdale

W.C. – Female; Age: 18 "I feel more flexible, stronger. My body is more toned and defined in the places that I've always wanted ..and my posture has improved also."
B.G. - Female; Age: 20’s "Better posture, stronger muscles, tighter physique."
A.D. – Female; Age: 20’s "..My muscles are much stronger and less bulky. Pilates has helped my tennis and golf games tremendously….it has helped my neck problems…I feel tone, healthy and look much better in my clothes."
A.B. - Female; Age: 30’s “I’m more flexible…I have better posture…I have much better alignment and balance. It’s (Authentic Pilates™) limitless, both the challenges and the rewards are many.”
S.H. – Female; Age: 40’s “I’m getting ripped abs and it has lifted my bottom and enormously enhanced my running.”
R.S. – Male; Age: 40’s "My friends have noticed that I have gotten taller, leaner and that I walk more upright. I have even been asked if I was a dancer! Not bad for an accountant! Pilates is simply great!"
J.S. – Female; Age: 50’s “Pilates had enhanced my flexibility, strength and posture. I have had no more trips to the doctor and no more shots for my back pain.”
B.M. – Male; Age: 50’s “Since starting Pilates, I have had no more low back pain and better flexibility.”
J.M. – Female; Age: 50’s “I have had a 6% drop in body fat. I have increased my flexibility and strength and over all well-being.”
B.L. – Female; Age: 50’s “My body has elongated considerably, my stomach is flatter, and physically I feel better. My asthma has improved from the breathing taught to me.”
S.K. – Female; Age: 60’s “Pilates has improved my posture, flexibility, and muscle tone.”